New Economy Living™ shares tips and insights that can help you connect with creating the health, life and work you want.

Is the new economy all about technology and rapid change?  Well, things are changing rapidly but the fundamentals of life remain remarkably the same. And technology has always been with us, starting with language and inventions such as the wheel. Technology is just a tool. We decide how to use the tool.

Many of the latest tools can connect us with an abundance of knowledge and information that can help us make decisions to create the world we want. It is only when we neglect to make those decisions based on human values that we give the tools the power to rule.

New Economy Living seeks to connect you with helpful information and insights.  Much is what you’ll find on this site is just my opinion or my perspective on my experiences.  References to other sources of information will be included.  I encourage you, dear reader, to not just “take my word for it” but rather, to do your own research and make your own decisions.


Life in the new economy starts with the awesome power of what we take into our bodies to keep us healthy and help us make the most of our physical and mental gifts.  Nature is sending us signals that tell us there are opportunities to create a new economy and new health around food.


We need to create value that we can sell or otherwise trade with others to provide for the basics such a food, clothing, shelter, transport, health and education plus the pleasantries and gifts that make life so delightful.  That’s the basis of our economy, how we earn a living and create a livelihood for ourselves and our children while helping to support our community.


Self-knowledge can be elusive but it is worth pursuing.  Discover who you are, what you truly want, what you’re good at (as well as what you like to do) and where it can make sense to partner with others.  Connect those insights to see through the clutter and opportunities will appear (some of which you can create yourself).  That’s not new news but Then, what’s needed is mindful action to bring your vision to life.